What is Kopavi?

“Kopavi” is a Hopi Indian word meaning “open door.” The Hopi believe that all mankind is fashioned by the Creator with five “vibratory centers” located at various points along the vertebral column which are used as a means of communication with the universe and the Creator. This communication is accomplished by gentle vibrations which resonate from these five corporeal points.

The first of these points is the “Kopavi,” which is the soft spot atop the head of a newborn child. As the child grows, the soft spot ultimately hardens effectively cutting off communication from this particular vibratory center and “closing the door.” The door remains closed until death, when life exits the body through the Kopavi just as it entered it at birth.

The story of the Kopavi serves as a reminder to never abandon that “openness” to wisdom and understanding which youth provides and age destroys.

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